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Transforming Ideas Into Reality

Grow Your Product While Safeguarding Your Brand

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Nurture & Grow Exceptional Ideas

Candid Method is an Innovation Consulting Firm. We focus on identifying and fostering innovative ideas for projects that have the potential to make a substantial impact. We work hand-in-hand with the visionary teams behind these concepts, guiding them towards successful business ventures - all while minimizing risk.

Know What’s There & What’s Possible

Understanding what you have or what you’ll get is important before investing time or money into a new venture.  Give your team the diligence it’s due.

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How We Help

Our team will do a temp check to make sure it’s safe to dive in.

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Our team understands what it takes to foster great products and bring them to fruition

How We Help

Evolution or Revolution?

Some great products are developed over time, while other ones spring to life instantaneously. Either way can work, but the path you choose should be based on more than just a gut feeling.

Broaden Horizons with Emerging Tech

Whether it’s AI, Predictive Analytics, or Mixed Reality - the allure of new technologies is compelling, as long as you separate what can be done from what should be done.

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How We Help

Let us take on the challenge of assessing the feasibility of your upcoming projects

What We Offer:

Market Validation
Product Feasibility Testing
Strategic Prioritization
Project Development
Product Design & Roadmapping
Technical Discovery & Due Dilligence
Stakeholder Communications
Team Development

Our Team

At the helm of our dynamic team are two visionary founders, who bring decades of experience transforming innovative ideas into tangible realities.

John is adept in instituting the right processes to build an efficient product team. His efforts undoubtably had a compounding positive impact in our execution. He is also the best people manager I've ever worked with. Part of the responsibility of any manager is having high emotional intelligence; an ability to understand people's motivations, identify their challenges, and motivate his team to perform their best. John exemplifies all of these.

Ryan Hoover, Weekend Fund


We look forward to connecting!

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Whether it's assistance with platform/business strategy, support for an ongoing project, or a push to get your idea off the ground, Candid Method is ready to lend a hand.

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